Network Management Systems

Centered Logic's ElementCenter NMS platform enables network equipment makers to build a model driven management solution to based on their device's NETCONF YANG models or SNMP MIBS. ElementCenter's model driven architecture and protocol/vendor independence provides an unprecedented time to market advantage. Already in use at major telecom carriers around the world, ElementCenter provides the reliability and functionality of mature EMS system out of the box.

Based on popular open source and proprietary

technologies, ElementCenter provides EMS/NMS developers with a collection of critical management system components and functionality such as Alarms, Events, Configuration, and EMS administration.

Using the Centered Logic modeling and code generation system, ElementCenter developers gain tremendous advantage over traditional development practices. License ElementCenter for your own development team, or Centered Logic can use ElementCenter to create a custom network management system for your devices.


An open source NETCONF client for Java systems. Connect to devices running popular NETCONF stacks and marshal to/from Java POJOs.



ElementCenter is a carrier class EMS development platform. Create a custom EMS product for your device while reducing your development costs by 80%.

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Centered Logic's development team has decades of experience creating carrier class management systems for device makers in the Medical, Financial, and Telecom fields.