Enea Acquires Centered Logic LLC

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, January 8, 2016 – Enea® (NASDAQ OMX Nordic:ENEA) acquires network management system vendor Centered Logic LLC.

Growing traffic volumes and increased network complexity, including Network Function Virtualization (NFV), drive the need for sophisticated and effective network management systems with high demands on functionality, scalability, performance, and reliability.

Centered Logic LLC is an established contender in the network management and service orchestration market, providing solutions for effective management of both traditional and virtualized networks. With its software platform ElementCenter, Centered Logic enables operators, network equipment manufacturers, NFV developers and systems integrators to quickly develop network management solutions for physical as well as software defined networks (SDN). Based in Nashua, New Hampshire, U.S., the company has already today customers both within and outside the US.

“I am happy to announce the acquisition of a small but fast growing and very interesting extension of our offering in the area of management and orchestration of physical and virtualized networks. Together with our existing Enea Element product line, ElementCenter will also add to the capabilities of our Enea COSNOS platform for developing and managing next generation network functions”, said Anders Lidbeck, President and CEO, Enea.

Enea will acquire the business assets of Centered Logic LCC, including its three employees and founding team and the IP rights to the ElementCenter product. “We are very excited to become a part of Enea,” said John Wagner, CEO of Centered Logic, LLC. “We believe the model-based architecture of the ElementCenter platform is a powerful and complementary addition to Enea’s suite of products for the networking industry, providing its customers with a unique end-to-end solution to challenges in management, virtualization, and orchestration.”

The acquisition of Centered Logic is expected to add a small positive contribution to the earnings of the Enea group during 2016. The purchase consideration consists of an upfront payment of 1.3 MUSD and an earn-out component over three years corresponding to the development of the acquired business, capped at 2.2 MUSD. The transaction is estimated to be completed in January 2016.

This is information of the type that Enea AB (publ) is obligated to disclose in accordance with the Swedish Securities Markets Act and/or the Financial Instruments Trading Act. The information was submitted for publication on January 08, 2016 at 07:20 CET.

For more information visit www.enea.com/investors or contact:

Anders Lidbeck, President & CEO

E-mail: anders.lidbeck@enea.com

Fredrik Medin, SVP Marketing and Communication
Phone: +46 709 71 40 11
E-mail: fredrik.medin@enea.com


Contact information

About Enea

Enea is a global supplier of network software platforms and world class services, with a vision of helping customers develop amazing functions in a connected society. We are committed to working together with customers and leading hardware vendors as a key contributor in the open source community, developing and hardening optimal software solutions. Every day, more than three billion people around the globe rely on our technologies in a wide range of applications in multiple verticals – from Telecom and Automotive, to Medical and Avionics. We have offices in Europe, North America and Asia, and are listed on NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm AB. Discover more at www.enea.com and start a conversation at info@enea.com.

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Hitachi Communications chooses ElementCenter for VNF Management

Centered Logic, LLC announced that Hitachi Communications Technologies America, Inc. has chosen ElementCenter to deliver robust management capabilities for its mobile core product suite. HCTA intends to leverage the ElementCenter platform to provide a suite of solutions to manage its virtualized elastic Evolved Packet Core devices.

“We are very excited to partner with HCTA to help deliver high-quality management systems to HCTA’s customers,” said Subramaniam Aiylam, CTO of Centered Logic, LLC. “With the advent of virtualized network functions, the ability to dynamically manage diverse devices that ElementCenter’s model-based architecture enables is growing more and more important in next-generation networks. HCTA’s decision to use ElementCenter as the foundation for their management solutions underlines the agility it provides to our customers’ developers.”

About HCTA
Hitachi Communication Technologies America, Inc., provides communications products and services for the telecommunications, cable TV, utility, enterprise, industrial and other markets. Areas of focus include: mobile gateways (MME/LTE), smallcell solutions, traffic management systems (TMS), AeroMACS solutions; middleware, management systems and professional services for M2M services and vertical markets such as connected home, energy management, and telemedicine/telehealth applications. The company has a long history as a provider of optical transport technology, including mission-critical data center networking in partnership with Hitachi Data Systems.
For additional information, please visit http://www.hitachi-cta.com

About Centered Logic
Centered Logic, LLC provides ElementCenter – a robust, rapid application development platform that enables its customers to bring to market fully featured element and network management solutions. Deployed at carriers worldwide, the agility and reliability provided by ElementCenter’s unique model-based approach reduces by an order of magnitude the time-to-market and cost of deploying EMS/NMS solutions. In addition, Centered Logic also provides architecture and design services as well as custom solutions development.
For additional information, please visit http://www.centeredlogic.com

Centered Logic announces distributor in Japan

Centered Logic, LLC announced today that it has signed an agreement with AI Corporation, which will be responsible for distributing its products in Japan.
A.I. Corporation (AIC) is a software solutions vendor for the embedded system design and development, representing over 15 software makers to providing nearly 100 embedded software products and solutions to the customers in Japan.
AIC’s solutions and products cover a broad range of industries such as consumer electronics devices, automotive and telematix, digital office equipments, communication and network equipments, and industrial control and factory automation, and many other industries where embedded microprocessor based systems are running.
For additional information, please visit http://www.aicp.co.jp/
Centered Logic, LLC provides ElementCenter – a robust, rapid application development platform that enables its customers to bring to market fully featured element and network management solutions. Deployed at carriers worldwide, the agility and reliability provided by ElementCenter’s unique model-based approach reduces by an order of magnitude the time-to-market and cost of deploying EMS/NMS solutions.
For additional information, please visit http://www.centeredlogic.com

Centered Logic releases ElementCenter 5

Centered Logic announces the latest release of its leading EMS/NMS development platform – ElementCenter.  ElementCenter 5 provides network device manufacturers with a more powerful platform than ever before to rapidly deliver to their customers a management solution that complements their network device and NFV application offerings.


ElementCenter’s model driven architecture is a natural fit for building management systems to support NETCONF devices as well as SNMP or proprietary protocols.  ElementCenter continues to offer the same agile and reliable development methodology based upon sharing the NETCONF YANG and SNMP MIBS used by the device’s management agent.


Release 5 of ElementCenter includes the following enhancements:

Scaling enhancements and Optimization

Almost every subsystem in ElementCenter 5 has been optimized and enhanced to enable your EMS or NMS to scale to even larger numbers of managed elements. Significant optimizations have been introduced into the Device View, Messaging and Statistics frameworks and the NETCONF stack.

To enable scaling to large numbers of devices, the entire main screen and map have been enhanced to support larger numbers of devices.  The main screen now provides a paginated device table which can filtered and sorted efficiently to provide better monitoring of network devices.



A number of security enhancements allow you to better address your typical customer’s security needs.  New features include successive login failure lockout, duplicate password check, minimum password age time, running under non-root accounts and hardening against new-found and potential security threats.


SSH terminal pass-through 

ElementCenter users can now open an SSH terminal from within a browser window to access managed elements. The SSH session is tunneled through the ElementCenter server in order to reach devices that reside behind a firewall.


Device View 

The graphical Device View has been enhanced to provide more interaction and functionality.  Developers can now implement dynamic tool-tips as well as context menus on any device view component.


Enhanced NETCONF Device Support

ElementCenter 5 is the perfect NMS platform to provide management for your devices running ConfD* or other NETCONF agents.  It is now easier than ever to get your EMS up and running and managing your NETCONF device.  Improvements in ElementCenter’s Tree configuration GUI offer your users an even better experience when configuring your NETCONF devices using ElementCenter’s GUI generated directly from your YANG models.

With the growing popularity of NETCONF in NFV, SDN, and other architectures, ElementCenter has become an obvious solution to network equipment vendors’ management system needs.

Centered Logic releases NetconfX 3.0

CenteredLogic has released version 3.0 of its dual-licensed Java-based NETCONF client stack – NetconfX. This version contains performance improvements including a connection pool for increased performance in multi-threaded environments.  The 3.0 release also includes enhancements to the notification APIs and other requested improvements.
To download the latest version, please visit centeredlogic.com.

GENBAND selects ElementCenter platform for Unified Management Solution

Centered Logic, LLC announced today that GENBAND, a leading developer of software-based, real time communications solutions, has chosen the ElementCenter platform as the foundation for its next-generation management products. By leveraging ElementCenter’s unique model-based device and service capabilities, GENBAND will be able to rapidly develop products that provide their customers with a superior management experience.

“As the provider of the most full-featured management platform available today, we are excited to work alongside GENBAND”, said John Wagner, CEO of Centered Logic, LLC. “This is an important design win for us and emphasizes yet again the impressive Return-On-Investment ElementCenter brings to Centered Logic customers. We believe using ElementCenter will help GENBAND deliver a state-of-the art unified management system”.

ElementCenter featured by ENEA at Embedded World 2014

ENEA will demonstrate HA failover in the Cloud servers, with load balancing in the Cloud, and systems management.  ENEA will use ElementCenter to monitor and manage the system, demonstrating the integration of ElementCenter with ENEA’s Element Management Framework.  Join Enea at the 2014 Embedded World Conference at the Messezentrum in Nürnberg, Germany. Enea will exhibit in Hall 5 | Booth-475.

For mor information, view the ENEA website.


ENEA to use ElementCenter in Mobile World Congress Demonstration

ENEA Embedded Technologies, a Centered Logic partner, will be in the ARM booth (3B30 in Hall 3) at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Feb 24-27 in Barcelona.  ENEA will be showing a software approach and service framework that can provide High Availability and Manageability to a scalable, centralized Cloud-based cluster as well as to individual devices.  The cluster of devices used in the demo will be managed using ElementCenter from Centered Logic.

ElementCenter features pre-integration with ENEA’s Element Embedded Management Framework, enabling rapid development of management solutions for Element devices.

Read more at ENEA.

ElementCenter 4.0 released

ElementCenter 4.0 has been released, providing increased performance and enhanced features.

For information on ElementCenter, visit the ElementCenter product page

Some of the major enhancements:


  • Map Views are now an integrated part of security.
  • Only authorized users can use a view.
  • Users can be assigned any number of views
  • Views can be configured with a whitelist of devices, restricting the alarm summary to reflect only those devices.

Device View

  • Now allows for “controls” embedded in the graphical view, such as a dropdown box.
  • Provides support for multiple “perspectives” such as different shelves or different display formats.
  • Alarm table can filter on a particular object when clicked in the device view.


  • Increased responsiveness and user feedback.
  • More operations can now be executed on multiple objects (eg. multi delete in tables)
  • Search for device based on name, address, or description now.
  • Device modules can now supply any number of tabs for the main page when selected (not just a device view)
  • Main screen alarm table can be optionally filtered on the selected device or submap


  • GUI tables no support advanced filtering using operators such as NOT EQUAL, AND, OR, etc.

Northbound Interface

  • SNMP Agent capability has been added.  ElementCenter server can now respond to SNMP sets/gets
  • improved SNMP exception handling and bulk gets
  • A REST interface  is now automatically generated from model

High Availability

  • Added support for MariaDB (client) database adapter – this will allow the system to work with MariaDB/MySQL databases
  • Redundant nodes now share a Virtual IP alleviating dependence on an external load-balancer.


  • RADIUS authentication can be used to authenticate ElementCenter users.
  • More fine-grained permissions (device view, events, etc.) have been added to the core to allow more specific permissions


NetconfX 2.1 Available

NetconfX provides an implementation of the client-side of a NETCONF interface in the Java programming language. NetconfX version 2.1 is now available for download. It contains some minor enhancements over NetconfX 2.0, and fixes an issue receiving async notifications. See the NetxconfX page for more..