ElementCenter 4.0 released

ElementCenter 4.0 has been released, providing increased performance and enhanced features.

For information on ElementCenter, visit the ElementCenter product page

Some of the major enhancements:


  • Map Views are now an integrated part of security.
  • Only authorized users can use a view.
  • Users can be assigned any number of views
  • Views can be configured with a whitelist of devices, restricting the alarm summary to reflect only those devices.

Device View

  • Now allows for “controls” embedded in the graphical view, such as a dropdown box.
  • Provides support for multiple “perspectives” such as different shelves or different display formats.
  • Alarm table can filter on a particular object when clicked in the device view.


  • Increased responsiveness and user feedback.
  • More operations can now be executed on multiple objects (eg. multi delete in tables)
  • Search for device based on name, address, or description now.
  • Device modules can now supply any number of tabs for the main page when selected (not just a device view)
  • Main screen alarm table can be optionally filtered on the selected device or submap


  • GUI tables no support advanced filtering using operators such as NOT EQUAL, AND, OR, etc.

Northbound Interface

  • SNMP Agent capability has been added.  ElementCenter server can now respond to SNMP sets/gets
  • improved SNMP exception handling and bulk gets
  • A REST interface  is now automatically generated from model

High Availability

  • Added support for MariaDB (client) database adapter – this will allow the system to work with MariaDB/MySQL databases
  • Redundant nodes now share a Virtual IP alleviating dependence on an external load-balancer.


  • RADIUS authentication can be used to authenticate ElementCenter users.
  • More fine-grained permissions (device view, events, etc.) have been added to the core to allow more specific permissions


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