ElementCenter 5

ElementCenter is a commercially available EMS/NMS platform and framework.

Based on popular open source technologies, ElementCenter provides management system developers with a collection of critical EMS/NMS components and functionality such as Alarms, Events, Configuration, and system administration.

ElementCenter makes it easy to create management systems for NETCONF devices, SNMP devices, or any device with a modeled management agent,

Using the Centered Logic modeling and code generation system, development with ElementCenter requires a fraction of the effort required by "coding by hand". ElementCenter can be enhance by adding modules to support additional devices, or to provide network level application functionality. Use ElementCenter with your own development team, or Centered Logic can use ElementCenter to create a custom EMS for your devices.

NetconfX 3.0

NetconfX is a client (south bound) java NETCONF interface.

NetconfX provides NETCONF over SSH protocol implementation for communicating with NETCONF devices. It is available under the GPL license for use with other GPL projects, or under commercial license to be used in commercial products. For more information and to download, visit the NetconfX page


gwtCenter is an open source GWT component library.

We use Google Web Toolkit to provide a cutting edge Web Application GUI for ElementCenter. To give back to the GWT community, we are releasing a library of some useful components, images, and css as an open source product.
gwtCenter is licensed under the Apache license. Visit the gwtCenter google code page, or download from our site.