ElementCenter is an EMS platform development framework based on popular open source and proprietary technologies. ElementCenter provides EMS developers with a collection of critical EMS components and functionality such as Alarms, Events, Configuration, and EMS administration. ElementCenter provides 80% of the functionality that your system needs, so your team can focus on developing the functionality that is unique to your system.

Model Driven

At the heart of ElementCenter is a modeling and code generation system. ElementCenter uses a data model from the device it's controlling such as a NETCONF YANG or SNMP MIB. It can consume many versions of the device model for many device types. ElementCenter uses the models to drive not only the device communications, but also the internal data objects, configuration screens, status objects, and historical statistics. As a result, EMS systems based on ElementCenter are reliable and accurate, and developing one requires a fraction of the effort required by "coding by hand".


More information is available on the ElementCenter data sheet..

Flexible and Extendable Communications

ElementCenter is a modular system that can can be enhanced to communicate with devices over open or proprietary protocols. Out of the box, ElementCenter supports popular device protocols including SNMP, NETCONF, SOAP and XML/RPC. 

Device Config



Release 5

Release 5 of ElementCenter provides new features as well as scaling enhancements and optimizations.

Scaling Enhancements
The map and main screen have been optimized to support large numbers of managed devices - into the millions. Almost every subsystem in ElementCenter 5 has been optimized and enhanced to enable your EMS or NMS to scale to even larger numbers of managed elements. Significant optimizations have been introduced into the Device View, Messaging and Statistics frameworks and the NETCONF stack.

Security Enhncements
A number of security enhancements allow you to better address your typical customer's security needs. New features include successive login failure lockout, duplicate password check, minimum password age time, running under non-root accounts and hardening against new-found and potential security threats.

SSH terminal
ElementCenter users can now open an SSH terminal from within a browser window to access managed elements. The SSH session is tunneled through the ElementCenter server in order to reach devices that reside behind a firewall

Complete FCAPS Feature Set

ElementCenter provides the 80% of functionality that is common among most EMS and NMS systems.   This enables your team to get a jump on time-to-market and focus on the differentiating features important to your specific device.

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