The Centered Logic team has decades of software development experience in the telecom industry working for established industry leaders and aggressive startups alike. They have architected and produced numerous Network Management systems that are in use by large carrier network operators today.


Custom EMS Development

Our architects and developers can use our ElementCenter platform to develop a complete custom built EMS for your company for a fraction of the time and expense that it would cost you to staff up a team, design, and build you own EMS.

We would work with your embedded team on a common data model, gather and analyze requirements, plan and schedule development, and work closely with your management and embedded development team to produce a complete EMS system.

Architecture and Development Assistance

 If you have your own development team and just want assistance architecting an ElementCenter based system, we can provide short term architecture and design consulting services.  

ElementCenter Training

 If you wish to license ElementCenter and develop your own applications, CenteredLogic's knowledgeable trainers can provide on-site training for your whole team. Your developers will be able to receive in depth instruction and guidance from ElementCenter core developers.