NetconfX provides an implementation of the client-side of a NETCONF interface in the Java programming language. Using NetconfX, a developer can write Java applications that connect to NETCONF-enabled devices and configure them as well as receive asynchronous notifications from them. Effectively, the client-side of the following standards is supported:

Feature List

  • Secure Netconf communications over SSH
  • NETCONF configuration
  • NETCONF event notifications
  • An Object to NETCONF layer that converts NETCONF XML to Java objects a secified by a mapping model
  • GPL Open Source - source code provided.
  • Commercial license available


NetconfX is available under a GPL and Commercial dual license:

You are free to use it under the GPL (GNU GPL v3) license if you are using it in a GPL product. This license permits free usage, but redistribution of NetconfX or any derived code is restricted.

If you wish to use NetconfX in a non-GPL system or product (for example in a commercial product for sale, or to use in your company internally, contact us for a very reasonable commercial license: The commercial license provides a perpetual source code license to use NetconfX and redistribute it in binary form, free from royalty payments. 


The NetconfX API provides NETCONF client communications in three different tiers (or layers): a Transport tier, a client tier, or a model driven POJO tier. Developers can choose to use which ever layer suits their needs.   Each tier provides a different level of abstraction.


Get Started

1.  Download the binary distribution using the link provided below and unzip the file.

2.  Include the enclosed "dist/netconfX-X.Y.jar" file in your Java classpath (where X/Y are major/minor version numbers).

3.  Include the jars in the /lib directory in your Java classpath

4.  Read the detailed Developer's Guide in the /docs directory


You can download NetconfX at Enea's Download Center.