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Centered Logic releases ElementCenter 5

Centered Logic announces the latest release of its leading EMS/NMS development platform – ElementCenter.  ElementCenter 5 provides network device manufacturers with a more powerful platform than ever before to rapidly deliver to their customers a management solution that complements their network device and NFV application offerings.


ElementCenter’s model driven architecture is a natural fit for building management systems to support NETCONF devices as well as SNMP or proprietary protocols.  ElementCenter continues to offer the same agile and reliable development methodology based upon sharing the NETCONF YANG and SNMP MIBS used by the device’s management agent.


Release 5 of ElementCenter includes the following enhancements:

Scaling enhancements and Optimization

Almost every subsystem in ElementCenter 5 has been optimized and enhanced to enable your EMS or NMS to scale to even larger numbers of managed elements. Significant optimizations have been introduced into the Device View, Messaging and Statistics frameworks and the NETCONF stack.

To enable scaling to large numbers of devices, the entire main screen and map have been enhanced to support larger numbers of devices.  The main screen now provides a paginated device table which can filtered and sorted efficiently to provide better monitoring of network devices.



A number of security enhancements allow you to better address your typical customer’s security needs.  New features include successive login failure lockout, duplicate password check, minimum password age time, running under non-root accounts and hardening against new-found and potential security threats.


SSH terminal pass-through 

ElementCenter users can now open an SSH terminal from within a browser window to access managed elements. The SSH session is tunneled through the ElementCenter server in order to reach devices that reside behind a firewall.


Device View 

The graphical Device View has been enhanced to provide more interaction and functionality.  Developers can now implement dynamic tool-tips as well as context menus on any device view component.


Enhanced NETCONF Device Support

ElementCenter 5 is the perfect NMS platform to provide management for your devices running ConfD* or other NETCONF agents.  It is now easier than ever to get your EMS up and running and managing your NETCONF device.  Improvements in ElementCenter’s Tree configuration GUI offer your users an even better experience when configuring your NETCONF devices using ElementCenter’s GUI generated directly from your YANG models.

With the growing popularity of NETCONF in NFV, SDN, and other architectures, ElementCenter has become an obvious solution to network equipment vendors’ management system needs.

Centered Logic releases NetconfX 3.0

CenteredLogic has released version 3.0 of its dual-licensed Java-based NETCONF client stack – NetconfX. This version contains performance improvements including a connection pool for increased performance in multi-threaded environments.  The 3.0 release also includes enhancements to the notification APIs and other requested improvements.
To download the latest version, please visit

GENBAND selects ElementCenter platform for Unified Management Solution

Centered Logic, LLC announced today that GENBAND, a leading developer of software-based, real time communications solutions, has chosen the ElementCenter platform as the foundation for its next-generation management products. By leveraging ElementCenter’s unique model-based device and service capabilities, GENBAND will be able to rapidly develop products that provide their customers with a superior management experience.

“As the provider of the most full-featured management platform available today, we are excited to work alongside GENBAND”, said John Wagner, CEO of Centered Logic, LLC. “This is an important design win for us and emphasizes yet again the impressive Return-On-Investment ElementCenter brings to Centered Logic customers. We believe using ElementCenter will help GENBAND deliver a state-of-the art unified management system”.