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ElementCenter featured by ENEA at Embedded World 2014

ENEA will demonstrate HA failover in the Cloud servers, with load balancing in the Cloud, and systems management.  ENEA will use ElementCenter to monitor and manage the system, demonstrating the integration of ElementCenter with ENEA’s Element Management Framework.  Join Enea at the 2014 Embedded World Conference at the Messezentrum in Nürnberg, Germany. Enea will exhibit in Hall 5 | Booth-475.

For mor information, view the ENEA website.


ENEA to use ElementCenter in Mobile World Congress Demonstration

ENEA Embedded Technologies, a Centered Logic partner, will be in the ARM booth (3B30 in Hall 3) at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Feb 24-27 in Barcelona.  ENEA will be showing a software approach and service framework that can provide High Availability and Manageability to a scalable, centralized Cloud-based cluster as well as to individual devices.  The cluster of devices used in the demo will be managed using ElementCenter from Centered Logic.

ElementCenter features pre-integration with ENEA’s Element Embedded Management Framework, enabling rapid development of management solutions for Element devices.

Read more at ENEA.

ElementCenter 4.0 released

ElementCenter 4.0 has been released, providing increased performance and enhanced features.

For information on ElementCenter, visit the ElementCenter product page

Some of the major enhancements:


  • Map Views are now an integrated part of security.
  • Only authorized users can use a view.
  • Users can be assigned any number of views
  • Views can be configured with a whitelist of devices, restricting the alarm summary to reflect only those devices.

Device View

  • Now allows for “controls” embedded in the graphical view, such as a dropdown box.
  • Provides support for multiple “perspectives” such as different shelves or different display formats.
  • Alarm table can filter on a particular object when clicked in the device view.


  • Increased responsiveness and user feedback.
  • More operations can now be executed on multiple objects (eg. multi delete in tables)
  • Search for device based on name, address, or description now.
  • Device modules can now supply any number of tabs for the main page when selected (not just a device view)
  • Main screen alarm table can be optionally filtered on the selected device or submap


  • GUI tables no support advanced filtering using operators such as NOT EQUAL, AND, OR, etc.

Northbound Interface

  • SNMP Agent capability has been added.  ElementCenter server can now respond to SNMP sets/gets
  • improved SNMP exception handling and bulk gets
  • A REST interface  is now automatically generated from model

High Availability

  • Added support for MariaDB (client) database adapter – this will allow the system to work with MariaDB/MySQL databases
  • Redundant nodes now share a Virtual IP alleviating dependence on an external load-balancer.


  • RADIUS authentication can be used to authenticate ElementCenter users.
  • More fine-grained permissions (device view, events, etc.) have been added to the core to allow more specific permissions